BSD Volleyball Cancels Spring 2020 Season

The BSD League directors have made the decision to CANCEL the spring season effective immediately in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but we are confident this is the right decision for our customer.  We have received feedback from a number of players and have had additional discussions on the topic of the coronavirus.  As many other organizations have recognized, we must all work to reduce the rapid spread of the virus to avoid overwhelming healthcare resources.  A critical component of that effort is greatly reducing large gatherings of people, such as social sports leagues such as ours.

We are, of course, disappointed to not hold the season of play, but we value your safety and the community's safety.  We thank you for your support and will be in contact for scheduling of future seasons, via email and Facebook.

Please allow us time to work with our business partners (Discovery Center, etc.) regarding the financial impacts of this decision.  We will need time to work on issues like policy for credits/refunds, annual registrations, etc.

For further information, we invite all of you to read this page:

It's lengthy with lots of data analysis.  The TLDR of it: countries and regions that wait too long to implement measures to stop the spread will suffer greatly because their medical facilities will be overwhelmed.  If you read any of the reports out of Italy (which did very little to stop the spread early on), you will be shocked, and they haven't hit their peak yet.  Here's one for reference:  Without appropriate measures, the virus' R0 (rate of reinfection) is 2+, which means every infected person will infect 2+ other people.  That typically happens before symptoms appear, which is the heart of the problem.  That is an exponential growth rate if left unchecked.


Your ever so humble, not-touching-our-faces BSD directors...

John Gillick, Jack Griffith, Andrea Stump, Steve Truland, Dee Weiss

BSD Volleyball

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